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The Boleyn Workshop 

One bloke, one workshop. He just wants some peace and quiet.  And three points from the Hammers. 

Now twinned with the Zakwood Workshop in Embu, Kenya

Welcome to a website dedicated to machinery from the sadly defunct Coronet Tool Co which was founded in Derby by the late Charles Parker in the 1940s.  I restore, use and maintain several of these machines with an ever changing workshop inventory.  I have a pair of helping hands in the shape of the trusty AC who is learning the trade and eating my biscuits.   Most of the photos are of my machines but pictures of machines owned by the sites visitors are also featured in Readers Machines.  I am not an expert, I am just a bloke with a workshop with a keen interest in these well designed machines built in a time when British engineering was the finest in the world.  I have learnt from my own experience, other site visitors who have become friends, site visitors who have offered their own knowledge and the legendary Derek Pyatt from  I have sent instruction manuals all over the UK and as far as South Africa not to mention Australia and New Zealand but I don't think I can beat Derek Pyatt's enquiry from the Seychelles!  Spare parts have gone the same places including Malta and I recently donated to a chap in Kenya which you can read about in the workshop blog entry, "from the Boleyn to Chelsea". 

Also featured are some American machines from the also defunct Walker Turner factory and a pre 1914 Tyzack table saw.

Instruction manuals for the Major, Majorette, Minor and Minorette available please email     

For the Consort please try Derek Pyatt at  There were different manuals for the red and the blue model and are under £10 through this source.  According to sources an instruction manual for the International was never produced but there is a manufacturers information sheet floating around somewhere.

The Coronet Major. 

 The Coronet Majorette

The Coronet Minor 

The Coronet Minorette 

The Coronet Elf 

The Coronet Imp 

The Coronet Consort 

The Coronet International Woodworker 

 The Coronet Capitol

The Coronet Diamond

I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about this classic and rarely found machine except that it is a Coronet and that it is a jewellers or watchmakers lathe.   On sale on *bay right now, price recently dropped from £500 to £350.  Another two hundred and fifty quid and I'd be interested.  Along with ten million other people.  It is featured out of interest.

It should be mine!  I tell thee!  Mine!  Mine!  MINE!! 

 Always wanted are old Coronet adverts, magazine pictures or articles and manuals.  How about loaning them to be scanned and uploaded to the site for general interest before returning?   All postage paid.  Thanks.

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